Free crowdfunding training


I am looking for volunteers to help me raise $1 million in 90 days for community economic development, health, public safety, housing and education projects, in Chicago’s westside and southside neighborhoods.

My experience has been I learn best by doing. This is a chance for you to learn about crowdfunding and help grassroots organizations and activists scale up their efforts. I’m building a team and need team members who are familiar with social media, blogging, media relations, customer service, fundraising, making videos and high quality photographs.  I hope to put together a team of grassroots, DIY innovators who are interested in learning by doing, helping others by focusing on creating value for customers, donors, practitioners, stakeholders, and developing a network and platforms they can use for future campaigns. More than expertise I need your creativity, enthusiasm and interest in doing good for the hood.

This is an opportunity for you to be innovative, your time and contributions will be welcomed and recognized. Being innovative is the way to be relevant in a constantly changing digital world where your target audience expects and has easy access to alternative solutions to their jobs to be done, at the touch of a screen or keyboard. 

As a volunteer you will  learn how to build successful crowdfunding campaigns by working with me to:

1. Create a team

 2. Build buzz

3. Get pros involved

4. Create a high quality photo

5. Create a Video

6. Position campaign as investment, no begging

7. Customer service

You will receive at no cost, documentation and support materials, and access to a network of grassroots and do it yourself (DIY) activists/innovators.

If you need more information please contact me through this website or @

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