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Our focus is on improved outcomes for low-moderate income communities’ employment, public education, business enterprise development, community organizing, and collaboration building. We design and implement action research projects based on client needs. We engage in organizational and situational analysis with our clients prior to helping them do strategic planning and select from among a range of strategic directions. We assemble and manage consulting teams based on project and client needs.

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There are many Chicago Grassroots innovators— big and small, Obama America’s first black president, Alycia Kamil, a teenager who inspired Mackenzie Scott to give away $4.2 billion; past and present, John H. Johnson, Ebony/Jet and the Historymakers, in media; Chicago Beyond, social impact investing; Ariel Capital and Loop Capital in finance; Goldin Institute, ABCD, PUSH, BUF, Gamaliel in grassroots leader training networks— to learn from and emulate during this golden age for black fundraising.

The goal of this blog is to promote grassroots innovation especially in community economic development, health, safety, housing and education, by:
Discussing grassroots innovators, impacts, collaborations and networks
Raising $1 million to promote grassroots innovation
Connecting and promoting Chicago grassroots innovators